Amuro in Taipei

Japanese pop star Amuro Namie was in Taipei on Jan 28 to promote her April’s concert…

Amuro Namie in Taipei

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Chage and Aska to hold concert in Shanghai

Veteran Japanese pop duo Chage and Aska is having a concert in Shanghai on November 17. The duo was in Shanghai on Saturday (Sep 29) to meet the press and fans to promote the concert.

Chage and Aska in Shanghai

Chage and Aska have been singing since early 80s, and are one of the all time best selling Japanese artists. Their career peaked in the early 90s, but started to fade in mid-90s.

Chage and Aska are quite popular in Chinese region, thanks to their songs that have been remade into Chinese version and sang by famous stars like Emil Chau and Rene Liu etc.

I first learned about them from one of Emil’s song, and I was one of Chage and Aska fans. In fact I bought one of their compilation albums when I was young… not sure where the tape has gone though.

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Josh Harnett works with Asian stars

Hollywood actor Josh Harnett is working with host of A-list Asian stars in his next movie, “I come with the Rain.”

The Asian stars include Japanese hunk Takuya Kimura (pic right), Korean star Lee Byung-hun (pic left) and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu Shawn Yue.

Lee Byung-hun and Takuya Kimura

Josh is starring as a detective that is mentally disturbed after capturing a serial killer. He is assigned to help a Japanese to find his missing son (Takuya Kimura) and encountered various situations in Asia.

Lee Byung-hun is playing a Hong Kong gangster; Daniel Shawn’s role is not revealed, but I am guessing that he is a policeman in Hong Kong helping Harnett in his case.

Josh, Lee and Shawn are currently filming the movie in Hong Kong; Takuya Kimura will be joining them in early September.

Update – it seems that Daniel Wu has to pull out from the filming because of injury; his role is taken by Shawn Yue instead.

Takuya Kimura’s Hero showing next month

Japanese movie “Hero,” starring Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu, is scheduled to premiere in Japan on September 8.

The movie is an ‘extension’ of the same title popular drama in 2001, which was a great hit back then. Besides starring Takuya, Takako and most of the main casts from the drama, the movie will also feature popular Korean actor Lee Byung-hun.

Below is the movie trailer…

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Takako Tokiwa in Taiwan

Japanese actress Takako Tokiwa was in Taiwan to promote an anime film; she is one of the voice actresses.

Takako Tokiwa in Taiwan

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