Tang Wei new pictures

Some recent pictures of Chinese actress Tang Wei…

Chinese actress Tang Wei

Tang Wei is probably the fastest rising Asian stars in 2007. Her performance in Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution” has won the heart of the critics… and her sex scenes with co-actor Tony Leung has created lots of discussions for months.

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The Forbidden Kingdom official trailer

Official trailer of “The Forbidden Kingdom”… movie starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano, Crystal Liu and Li Bingbing etc.

The movie is set to show in April or May 2008 depending on locations.

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Liu Yifei picture gallery 5

Recent photos of Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yifei.

Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yi Fei

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Gong Li to star with John Cusack

Chinese actress Gong Li is set to star in movie “Shanghai” alongside Hollywood star John Cusack.

Chinese actress Gong Li

The story background is set in the turbulent era of Shanghai (pre-World War II); there are 2 versions about the plot, not sure which is the official one…

1. Cusack is starring as a journalist who visited Shanghai to find his missing friend and caught in a mobster war; while Gong Li plays as a mysterious lady who is a key figure in all the chaos.

2. Cusack a special agent sent by US to Shanghai to fight against the Japanese. Gong Li is a gangster boss and helps Cusack with the cause.

The movie is scheduled to start filming in February 2008.

Battle of Red Cliff – magazine scan

A Japanese magazine has published a special column for Chinese movie “Red Cliff” (credits to 163.com) with interviews and some latest photos from the movie set.

Red Cliff is the highest budgeted Chinese movie ever produced; it is directed by renowned director John Woo and featured a strong cast of Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung, Vicki Zhao, Lin Zhi Ling etc.

Tony Leung in Battle of Red Cliff

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