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Welcome to YummyCelebrities.com, a website that shares Asia and worldwide entertainment news, celebrities’ profile and biography, pictures and videos, as well as movies, music and TV dramas.

About The Website

YummyCelebrities.com started in September 2005 as a personal project to collect data about my favourite celebrities and to share their info and latest news with other fans. I didn’t expect the website to grow that popular, with over 100,000 monthly visitors just months after it started, and about 400,000 at its peak.

This site is no longer updated though; I’ve merged it with my personal site in April 2008 instead. Thanks for all the support anyway; and I’m glad to do my tiny part to promote Asian entertainment to the world.

About The Author

I am just a guy who likes pretty faces and love reading entertainment news. The nickname “Yummy” sounds girlish, but it’s not my initial intention to use the nickname. Yummy was used to describe those celebrities, but somehow readers start to call me Yummy and I ended up using it as my nickname here.

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