“Hwang Jin-i” movie trailer

Movie trailer for Korean movie “Hwang Jin-i,” starring popular star Song Hye-kyo and Yoo Ji-tae; can’t understand a single word, pretty nice trailer though…

The movie has been the talk of the town for months, as another TV version of the story based on the real life of famous 16th century’s Kisaeng (similar to Japanese Geisha) was made at almost the same time.

The TV drama version, starring another popular actress Ha Ji-won, has achieve high ratings in Korea. People are having high expectation on the movie version, as comparison will certainly be made… hopefully the movie won’t be a disappointment.

Also, the movie version of Hwang Jin-i is set to show in North Korea, which is pretty uncommon for a South Korean movie due to political reason. The movie will however be limited to show in certain areas in North Korea where the movie was filmed, like K?mgangsan etc.