Aya Matsuura

Japanese artist Aya Matsuura

Aya Matsuura Profile

Name: Aya Matsuura (Matsuura Aya)
Japanese name: ?? ??
Chinese name: ????
Nickname: Ayaya
Birth date: June 25, 1986
Birth place: Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Height: 157cm
Blood type: B
Profession: Actress, model and singer

Aya Matsuura Biography

Aya Matsuura was signed by Hello! Project (named project but it’s actually a talent agency) in year 2000 and made her solo debut in 2001 with single “Doki Doki Love Mail.”

Known as Ayaya by her fans, Aya Matsuura has become one of Hello’s most successful artists since then. She has released dozens of singles, a few albums and starred in some movies and TV dramas.

Aya Matsuura also collaborated with some other Hello’s teen idols and released some joint singles, but none of the collaborations last long.

Frankly I can’t remember many of her songs, there weren’t any really great hits but her music videos are normally quite interesting. Some of her TV commercials are pretty cute too.

Ayaya’s popularity overseas is largely due to her photo-books in 2004/2005 which achieved quite phenomenal sales back then. A couple of her photo-books featured her in bikinis, but in a rather healthy and cute manner.

Ayaya’s entertainment career seemed to stall in 2006, as if it’s a curse that happened to all Hello! Project idols – popular at teen, but faded in 20s.

Aya is rumored to be quite a smoker, and it really spoilt the healthy image that she has been building for years. Her rumored relationship with pop idol Keita Tachibana also didn’t work in her favor; her boys-fans don’t like it, and Keita’s girls-fans hate it as well.

Aya Matsuura is still quite popular in Japan and some other Asia region; her visit to Taiwan in late 2006 was well received by Taiwanese fans, showing that Ayaya has great potential to succeed in the next level.

Ayaya’s career seemed to be recovering in 2007. Aya and Miki Fujimoto formed a duo group “GAM” (Great Aya and Miki) in 2006, which is doing well recently. GAM just held their first concert in Japan in May 2007.

Why I Like Aya Matsuura

She’s cute, that’s probably the only reason. I don’t think she sings that well, and I don’t think she is a good actress yet.

Ayaya is still young though, only 20 (21 soon) years of age but has plenty of experience. I believe she has great potential, that is if she is willing to improve herself continuously. Given enough chances, she could shine pretty well.

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