Eva Huang Shengyi

China artist Eva Huang Shengyi

Eva Huang Shengyi Profile

Name: Eva Huang Shengyi
Chinese name: ???
Birth date: February 11, 1983
Birth place: Shanghai, China
Height: 165cm
Blood type: A
Education: Beijing Film Academy (graduated 2001)
Profession: Actress and singer

Hobbies: Net surfing and travel
Favorite actresses: Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Marceau
Favorite movie: In the Mood for Love (????)

Eva Huang Shengyi Biography

Eva Huang Shengyi was born in an educated family; her father is a university professor, while her mother a newspaper editor. Eva’s parents didn’t want her to pursue an entertainment career, but gave her full support after Eva insisted on choosing her path.

After graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2001, Eva starred in a couple of low budget TV dramas.

Eva Huang got her breakthrough in 2003 when she was selected by superstar Stephen Chow (???) to star as the leading actress in movie “Kungfu Hustle.”

Kungfu Hustle was showed in 2004 and was a huge box-office success. Eva however didn’t manage to show much of her talent in the movie, starring as a mute and appeared less than 10 minutes in the movie.

Eva Huang gained more press coverage later on when she was caught with the legal fight with Stephen’s agency. Eva was sued for accepting jobs on her own (thus breach of contract) but Eva defended her case citing that she was misled into signing her contract and was not properly taken care of.

Many had thought that it’s the end of Eva’s entertainment career, but she fought hard and getting more exposures in commercials and some TV dramas. Her bravery and independence has won the hearts of many of her fans, and she is regarded as one of the most popular China artist these days.

Eva’s legal case with her (former) agency was finally settled in early 2007 in Eva’s favor. Some reports have suggested that Eva had to pay 6 million RMB (~USD1-1.5 million) to settle the case, but it was denied by Eva.

Eva Huang has just inked her recording deal on her 24th birthday (Feb 11) and is expected to release her debut album in mid 2007.

It’s amazing to see a lady with not much profile achieving her popularity, and she can only get better and more popular.

Why I Like Eva Huang Shengyi

I first saw Eva Huang in Kungfu Hustle (who doesn’t?), and I actually thought that she’s very beautiful.

I didn’t expect to see her breaking up with her talent agency and thus lost the chance to continue working with Stephen Chow; but Eva has always managed to get good media exposure, and she showed great maturity in handling her legal case.

I haven’t really seen any special talent from Eva yet, but as said… I like her look, and I hope she will involve in more good productions in near future.

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