Moon Geun-young

Korea actress Moon Geun-yeung

Moon Geun-young Profile

Name: Moon Geun-young (Moon Geun-yeung, Mun Geun-yeong)
Korean name: ???
Chinese name: ???
Birth date: May 6, 1987
Birth place: Gwangju, South Korea
Height: 164cm
Blood type: B
Family: Parents and younger sister
Education: Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul
Profession: Actress

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Moon Geun-young Biography

Moon Geun-young started appearing on TV when she was 12. She was made famous later in popular TV drama “Autumn In My Heart” (2000) where she play the young version of the lead character (adult version was played by Song Hye-kyo).

The mature acting of Moon Geun-young touched everyone’s heart and landed her numerous acting roles after that.

After Autumn In My Heart, Moon Geun-young starred as supporting actress in TV drama “The Lost Empire” and popular movie “Lover’s Concerto.”

Moon Geun-young got another breakthrough with in 2003 horror movie, “Tale of Two Sisters” where she was the co-leading actress.

Moon Geun-young then landed leading roles in movies “Little Bride” (2004) and “Innocent Steps” (2005) and gradually become on of the most popular actresses in Korea.

Moon Geun-young is still in her teen-age, and has just enrolled into university. With her talent there’s plenty of future ahead.

Why I like Moon Geun-young

I think she is a really good actress, since her appearance in Autumn In My Heart. I felt that she had the best performance in the melodrama, even better than leading actress Song Hye-kyo.

I watched Little Bride and Innocent Steps as well, and she continued to perform well. What really impressed me is her young age but mature acting.

Moon Geun-young also has the like-ability factor, people just seems to like her.

Moon Geun-young Videos

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