Kwon BoA is Korea highest earning artist in 2006

Korea singer Kwon BoAKorean pop star Kwon BoA is Korea highest earning artist in 2006, according to a Korea report. BoA makes ~US$30 million in 2006, with her album sales and advertisement appearance.

Listed 2nd on the list is Bae Yong-joon. The report calculates income based on entertainment industry only, but if other industries like Bae’s restaurant business are calculated, Bae Yong-joon should be the highest earning artist.

Other high earning artists that are mentioned in the list include Jang Dong-gun, Eric Mun, Rain and Kim Hee-seon.


  1. […] A celeb who was unjustly neglected last year was BoA. Yes, she topped the Japanese pop charts, yes she was even number 2 in the world charts for a week, and yes, she was Koreaís highest-earning pop star. But somehow people didnít seem to be interested, which is a bit of a shame. Compared with Hyolee and the TV stars, BoA hardly seemed to register on the various amateur celebrity news blogs (and in respect of my sporadic coverage of the area, she attracted less than a quarter of the visits of Lee Sabi). Is there a lesson here: focus on getting the job done and avoiding the press, and you end up with more Won in your pocket? BoA has started 2007 on a high note, topping the charts in Japan again. Congratulations to BoA, the pop star who just seems to get on with it. And does it well, even though success comes at the price of loneliness, according to the Chosun. […]

  2. […] BoA is an artist that has LKL’s quiet respect. While popstrels such as Lee Hyolee never seem to be out of the gossip blogs, BoA seems to be more focused on work than PR. That’s not to say that she hasn’t an eye to a bit of brand-building. She’s just launched a range of jewelry. And her huge success in Japan shows that you don’t have to show off to the Korean media in order to rake in the cash. […]