Nicole Kidman

Australian actress Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman profile

Name: Nicole Mary Kidman
Birth date: June 20, 1967
Birth place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Family members: Parents, younger sister and husband
Husband: Keith Urban, famous country singer
Profession: Actress

Nicole Kidman Biography

Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii but move to Australia (her father and mother are Australians) at 4.

Nicole Kidman started learning ballet when back to Australia, and later accepted into Sydney’s Australian Theatre for Young People; then at the Philip Street Theatre where she learned voice production and theatre history.

Nicole Kidman started her entertainment career in 1983, starring in a Pat Wilson’s music video. Nicole then started starring in some TV series and movies, mostly Australia productions.

Nicole’s first noticeable Hollywood movie was “Dead Calm” in 1989, co-starring Sam Neill and Billy Zane. In 1990 Nicole starred in “Days of Thunder” co-starring her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Nicole and Tom married on Christmas Eve 1990, and divorced in 2001. The ex-couple adopted two children, daughter Isabella Jane and son Connor Anthony.

Nicole Kidman also starred in “Far and Away” (1992) and “Batman Forever” (1995). Despite her beauty, Nicole was merely recognized as ‘Mrs. Cruise’ back than, rather than her acting.

Nicole’s talent only started to be appreciated in 1995 dark comedy “To Die For,” and surprisingly won her a Golden Globe Award as Best Actress for Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

Nicole Kidman continued to star in a few movies, including the acclaimed “The Portrait of a Lady” (1996); and “Eyes Wide Shut” in 1999 starring alongside Tom Cruise.

If her divorce with Cruise in 2001 was painful, her sorrow was compensated with 2 great movies, “Moulin Rouge” and “The Others.” Both movies were box office hit, Nicole was nominated for Golden Globe for both movies in 2002, and won with Moulin Rouge. She was also nominated in Academy Awards for Moulin Rouge.

2002 was even a greater year for Nicole; she starred in “The Hours” alongside Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep. Nicole won both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards in 2003 with the movie.

Nicole Kidman also starred in acclaimed movie “Cold Mountain” in 2003, but that’s probably her last good film till now. “The Stepford Wives” (2004), “The Interpreter” and “Bewitched” (2005) achieved decent success in box office, and were far beyond expectations.

Nicole Kidman however fair better in love life, she met country singer Keith Urban at a Hollywood event honoring Australians in January 2005. The celebrity couple married on June 25, 2006.

Why I like Nicole Kidman

I started notice Nicole Kidman in 1989 mini-series “Bangkok Hilton,” and I thought… “What a beautiful girl she is.”

I almost forgot her after that, up until her appearance in Batman Returns in 1995, and Nicole looked even more charming than she was when I first saw her on TV.

I began to like her more after in movie The Portrait of a Lady, Nicole showed that she could be a great actress other than possesses a beautiful face.

I like her performance in The Others; and although she won most acclaims with The Hours, I don’t really enjoy that movie, too complicated for me.

Nicole Kidman is no longer young; she’s 40 but still showing lots of charm and personality.


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