Leila Tong Ning

Hong Kong artist Leila Tong

Leila Tong Ning Profile

Name: Leila Tong Ning (Tong Ling, Tang Ning)
Chinese name: ?? (??)
Real name: Kwong Lai La ??? (Pauline Kong Lai Na ???)
Birth date: December 5, 1981
Birth place: Hong Kong
Height: 162cm
Family: Parents and elder brother
Language spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin and Indonesian
Profession: Actress

Pets: 4 Dogs named Yellow, BB, DouDou and BooBoo
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Mum’s cooking

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Leila Tong Ning Biography

Leila Tong was born in Hong Kong but her mother is half Indonesian, so Leila is partly (1/4) Indonesian.

Leila Tong started acting when she was 8-year-old in movie “Once A Thief.” Leila was then signed by TVB network as child star, featuring in children TV show and acting in some TV series.

(TVB is Hong Kong largest TV network, and their TV series are marketed all across Asia and in some Western countries as well)

Leila Tong was mostly given supportive role in TVB series, until she got the breakthrough in 2002 popular drama “Square Peg.” Leila was playing supportive role but her acting was well praised, and people started noticing Leila as a young lady and no longer just a child.

Leila Tong started to star as leading actress for some TVB series since then. Some of the popular TVB dramas she starred in include “Twin of Brothers,” “The Last Breakthrough” and “Life Made Simple” etc.

Although only at age of 25, Leila is already one of the most experienced TV actresses in Hong Kong, and will continued to grow in both her acting skills and popularity.

Why I like Leila Tong Ning

I think Leila is really cute; and because she started acting really young, her acting skills are well nurtured and is one of the best actresses among younger generation of TVB and Hong Kong artist.

I hope Leila will be given more leading roles in future TV dramas, and wish that she can become more famous and popular.

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