Angela Zhang Shao Han

Taiwan artist Angela Zhang Shao Han

Angela Zhang Shao Han Profile

Name: Angela Zhang Shao Han (Angela Chang)
Chinese name: ??? (???)
Nickname: Dian Yan Wa-Wa ????, Mifen Mei ???
Birth date: January 19, 1982
Birth place: Taiwan
Height: 158cm
Blood type: A
Family members: Parents, younger brother and younger sister
Language spoken: Mandarin, English and a bit of Japanese
Education: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada
Profession: Actress and singer

Dream: Travel around the world
Hobbies: Reading, singing, listening to music, and shopping
Favorite colors: Green, pink and white
Favorite food: Sashimi
Favorite sports: Jogging and gym
Favorite music: R&B and Bosa Nova
Favorite singers: Christina Aguilera, Lisa Ono, Nelly, Ringo Shiina and Zhang Hui-Mei

Angela Zhang Shao Han Biography

Angela Zhang Shao Han was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when she was young.

Angela Zhang love singing since she was a kid and took part in lots of singing competitions. Angela got her breakthrough when she represented Vancouver (where she studied her high school) and won an international Chinese singing competition in Taiwan.

Angela’s talent was spotted by a music producer, her mentor, and she’s nurtured into a future superstar.

Although talented in singing, Angela first made her fame acting in 2002, with leading actress role in Taiwan TV drama “MVP Valentine,” co-starring Taiwan national basketball player Johnny Yan and popular boy band “5566” member Tony Sun.

Angela Zhang then starred in 2003 in TV drama “At The Dolphin Bay,” it was in the series that Angela made her ‘professional’ singing debut with “Journey.” Her fans were amazed by her voice, and the media noticed her music talent too.

Angela Zhang didn’t take long to release her first solo album “Over The Rainbow” in January 2004, as expected it’s quite a hit. Angela then released her 2nd album “Aurora” in December 2004, followed by “Pandora” in January 2006.

Angela’s breakthrough in acting came in 2006 with TV drama “Bump Off Lover 17,” which won a nomination at the prestigious Golden Bell Award.

Angela released her latest album, “Flower in the Wonderland” in early 2007.

Angela Zhang is now working with both her singing and acting career, and features in bunches of commercials ads as well. We will see more of Angela Zhang in years to come.

Why I like Angela Zhang Shao Han

I like Angela Zhang Shao Han purely for her voice and singing. I think she’s one of the best vocal female singers in recent years from Taiwan.

Although many fans of Angela think that she’s cute, but she’s not my type of girl. I always felt that Angela is too thin, it’s said that she weighs less than 40kg… that’s very much underweight in my opinion.

I think that Angela’s acting is continously improving, but I still prefer her singing though. I think she will become one of the best Chinese singers if she can focus on what she does best.

Angela Zhang Shao Han Photos, Pictures and Videos

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