Isabella Leong Lok Si

Macau artist Isabella Leong

Isabella Leong Lok Si Profile

Name: Isabella Leong Lok Si (Leong Lok Sze, Leung Loksi, Isabella Leung)
Chinese name: ???
Birth name: Leong Lok Yew ???
Birth date: June 23, 1988
Birth place: Macau, China
Height: 172cm
Language spoken: Cantonese, English and Mandarin
Profession: Actress, model and singer

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Isabella Leong Lok Si Biography

Isabella Leong started her entertainment career as a kid/teen mode; Isabella was spotted by Emperor Entertaiment Group (EEG) at the tender age of 12.

EEG is China and Hong Kong entertainment powerhouse and was having high expectations on Isabella. The company has nurtured Isabella into acting, singing and dancing.

Isabella Leong made her senior debut in 2004 with a solo album; it’s not considered a great success but people started noticing her. Isabella was also included in a 2005 EEG compilation album, featuring established singers like Yumiko, Twins and Boy’z.

While her singing talent still creates some debates, Isabella’s elegant face and model-like figure is winning her fans heart.

In 2005, Isabella started her acting career, which is much more successful than her music.

The 2006 movie “Isabella” is Isabella’s breakthrough, making her an international rising star in the Berlin Movie Festival. The movie won a silver bear for Best Movie Music and Isabella gained wide notice back in Hong Kong and across Asia.

Isabella’s latest project is “Spider Lilies,” lesbian-related movie co-starring Taiwanese artist Rainie Yang.

Why I like Isabella Leong Lok Si

I think Isabella Leung looks cute, a bit too skinny but absolutely lovely.

I only saw one of her movie, “Isabella” that is. Her acting was quite good; considering that her age at just 19, I will say that she’s a star in making, with a very bright future.

I don’t really enjoy Isabella’s singing, but as mentioned she is still young and plenty of time to improve herself.

Isabella Leong Lok Si Pictures and Photos

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