Stephen Chow Sing Chi

Hong Kong actor and director Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow Sing Chi Profile

Name: Stephen Chow Sing Chi (Stephen Chau, Chow Xing Chi, Zhou Xingchi)
Chinese name: ??? (???)
Birth date: June 22, 1962
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 174cm
Profession: Actor, director and producer

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Stephen Chow Sing Chi Biography

Stephen Chow spent his teenage in Shanghai with his family. Chow is a great admirer of late action star Bruce Lee, and developed interest in martial arts and aimed to be an action star.

Stephen Chow got into Hong Kong TVB acting school and graduated in 1982. He was given the opportunity to host a children program “430 Shuttle” in TVB that he began to gain some fame. (TVB is the largest TV channel network in Hong Kong.)

Stephen Chow got some supporting role in numerous TVB series, but his breakthrough came from the big screen. Chow’s 1988 sitcom role as a thief in Danny Lee’s movie “Final Justice” won him a Golden Horse best supporting actor award.

Seeing Chow’s potential, TVB offered him leading role in TV drama “Final Combat” which he started to show off his non-logic comedy talent.

Tasted success in movie scene, Stephen Chow continues to star in a few popular movies. It was till 1990 when he starred “Saint of Gamblers,” a comedy version of Chow Yun-Fat’s box office hit “God of Gamblers” that made Stephen Chow a superstar.

Saint of Gamblers (also named “All for the Winner”) went on to break Hong Kong’s movie record with boxoffice of over HK$40 million. Since then Chow was unstoppable and starred in over 50 movies, most of it were super hits.

In 1992, Stephen Chow dominated the top 5 movie bestseller of the year in Hong Kong. Back then he was one of the box office hit-trio, together with Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-Fatt. All 3 of them have now expanded their influence into Hollywood.

In 1994 movie “From Beijing With Love,” Stephen Chow began taking part in script writing and directing. As Chow began to contribute the ideas of his own, his movies transformed from pure comedic to more meaningful and with more artistic sense.

Although gaining wide popularity among audience, Stephen Chow was not given much attention from movie awards. Many of his fans felt unfairness for him as his comedic value was not appreciated.

Anyhow Stephen Chow didn’t give up and in year 2001, he produced his first solo directed movie, “Shaolin Soccer.” Combining sport, love, comedy and digital effects, he created a box office miracle in a poor Hong Kong movie market, breaking record with HK$60 million of tickets receipts.

It’s also with Shaolin Soccer that Stephen Chow finally gained the appreciation of various awards presentation again, he won both best director and best actor in 2002 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Hollywood also recognized the potential of Stephen Chow and purchased the US rights for Shaolin Soccer. Shaolin Soccer was not a great success in US but enough to make people started noticing Stephen Chow.

In 2004, Stephen Chow produced another of his masterpiece, “Kung Fu Hustle.” Although still playing the leading role, he focused more on directing and production behind the scene.

Kung Fu Hustle had broken his own boxoffice record of Shaolin Soccer, and again winning him multiple awards and even nominated for best foreign film in US prestigious Golden Globe Awards.

The production of “Kung Fu 2” has been confirmed, but the production had been delayed due to unforseeable issues. Chow is however starting to make another movie related to outer space and UFO.

Why I like Stephen Chow Sing Chi

The boys in my generation grew up watching Stephen Chow’s movies. We shared so much laughter and dialogue about the comedy star.

Stephen Chow is probably my favorite actor of all time.. it’s actually fair to say that Stephen Chow was part of my life, giving me and my buddies lots of wonderful memories.

It’s great to see Stephen Chow still producing laughter and entertainment for his fans and audience, hopefully we will see more of him for years to come.


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