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Evonne Hsu

Evonne Hsu Hui Xin Profile

Name: Evonne Hsu Hui Xin (Evonne Xu, Hsu Hui Sin, Xu Huixin)
Chinese name: ??? (???)
Birth name: Yvonne Hsu Ming
Birth date: December 5, 1979
Birth place: Texas, USA
Height: 163cm
Blood type: B
Family: Parents, an elder sister and a younger sister
Education: University of Texas, Austin (Psychology)
Language: English and Mandarin
Profession: Singer

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, singing, pets caring and choreographing
Favorite colors: Pink and purple
Favorite artists: Babyface, Craig David, Destiny Child, Madonna, Sarah McLachlan, Sisqo and Tori Amos
Favorite movies: Disney’s movies

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Evonne Hsu Hui Xin Biography

Evonne Hsu was born in a small town village in Texas, USA. It’s said that when eVonne was born all nurses went to see her and named her the “snow white.”

Evonne Hsu grew up with a passion for singing and dancing, but she didn’t dream of becoming a superstar when she went into University of Texas to pursue her study in psychology.

It was during Evonne’s university study that one of her friend convinced her to make a singing demo; the friend then took the demo tape to Taiwan Core Agency.

The executive at the agency was impressed with Evonne and flew to Texas to sign Evonne and nurtured her as future superstar.

Since that eVonne was planning to visit her grandparents in Taiwan anyway, she agreed with the deal and spent a year in Taiwan working on her Mandarin language.

Meantime, Core Agency secured a record contract with Universal Music and shortly after, Evonne debut with her album “To Be Happy” in January 2002.

The album was a hit for Evonne and her singing talent was acknowledged by winning various Best Newcomer awards in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the prestigious Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

Evonne Hsu never look back and released a few other albums in 2003/2004 namely “Lonely Ballet,” “Beautiful Love” and “Happiness.”

In 2005, eVonne decided to take another challenge as the leading actress in Jacky Cheung’s international acclaimed musical show “Snow Wolf Lake.” The musical show toured across Asia and eVonne showed her versatility of talents in singing, dancing and acting.

In late 2005, Evonne released her first special compilation album, “Chosen One” with her best chosen songs for the past 4 years.

Evonne Hsu released her 6th album in October 2006 and her 7th in early 2007. Evonne Hsu is still growing strong and is currently one of the most popular singers in Taiwan and Asia.

Why I like Evonne Hsu Hui Xin

Evonne Hsu is not only famous for her singing, but popular for her character as well. Evonne is an easy-going person and there’s always lots of artist complementing her as a nice girl.

Evonne Hsu is not one of my super favorite celebrities… but I do like her. She is a nice girl, cute, pretty (sometimes hot) and she can definitely sing. Who won’t love such a sweet girl?

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