Shiri Appleby

US actress Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby Profile

Name: Shiri Freda Appleby
Birth date: December 7, 1978
Birth place: Panorama City, California, USA
Family: Parents and a younger brother
Education: University of Southern California, USA (English Literature)
Profession: Actress

Shiri Appleby Biography

Shiri Appleby was born and raised in a Jewish family from California; her father is an American while mother from Israel.

Shiri’s acting career started when she was 4, her first commercial was however never aired. She went on to pose in a few commercials and guest starred some TV series and movies like “ER,” “7th Heaven” and “Xena.”

Shiri Appleby didn’t really like going for auditions during her high school days, she thought high school would be the greatest time of her life. Despite appearing on screen, Shiri had quite a normal school life as a student… cheerleading, yearbook editing and doing part time jobs.

After graduating from Calabasas High School in 1996, Shiri enrolled into University of Southern California. Not sure if she does graduate, her study was delayed after she was given the major role in TV series “Roswell”.

The sci-fi series Roswell was aired in 1999 and went on for a couple of seasons, where Shiri played the leading actress as Liz Parker. Shiri’s Roswell role still remains as her most noticeable performance thus far.

Shiri Appleby also star in a few music videos, including Bon Jovi’s hit “It’s My Life” and Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want To Be.”

Shiri Appleby is currently still involved in acting career; hopefully we will see her more in the future.

Why I like Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby is not a stunning beauty, it’s more like a pretty girl next door… but somehow, I really like her.

It’s pity that she didn’t get into other major roles as successful as in Roswell; I believe she got the potential to be a superstar if given the opportunity.


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