Penny Tai Pei Nee

Malaysian singer Penny Tai Pei Nee

Penny Tai Pei Nee Profile

Name: Penny Tai Pei Nee (Dai Pei Ni)
Chinese name: ???
Birth date: April 22, 1978
Birth place: Segamat, Malaysia
Height: 157cm
Bloodtype: B
Education: Southern College, Malaysia (Chinese Studies graduate)
Profession: Singer and composer

Hobbies: Composing, choreographing, dancing and designing
Favorite countries: Japan and Nepal
Favorite food: Fish and fruit
Favorite music: Country and rock
Favorite singers: Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow

Penny Tai Pei Nee Biography

Penny Tai was trained as a dancer since 10 and performed in various stages since school days. Penny only started some serious music composing when she was around 17 and her talent has been booming since then.

Penny’s music has won her some amateur awards and her songs were recorded by some famous Hong Kong and Taiwan artist like Miriam Yeung and Valen Hsu.

Seeing Penny’s potential, EMI Taiwan signed her up in 1999 and she released her first album “Penny” in 2000. Her album was well received both in Taiwan and Malaysia and her ability to both sing and compose won her many fans.

In 2002, Penny released her 2nd album “How” (??) and one of her song “The Love You Want” (????) was used as ending song of the superhit Taiwan TV drama “Meteor Garden.”

Meteor Garden is one of the most popular ever Taiwan TV drama across Asia, Penny was lucky to ride on the trend and become an Asia superstar singer.

Despite becoming popular, Penny still sticks to her principal to write her own song.

Penny’s dedication to her music won her the Best Composer recognition in Taiwan 17th Golden Melody Awards 2006.

Penny has released her latest album “iPenny” in September 2006.

Why I like Penny Tai Pei Nee

I love Penny’s music and envy her talent. There are not many female singers that can sing and compose their own song in Asia, and Penny is one of the best.

Also, she’s quite cute.


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