Xu Jinglei

China artist Xu Jinglei

Xu JingLei Profile

Name: Xu Jinglei (Xu Jing Lei, Chui Jing Loi, Jinglei Xu)
Chinese name: ???
Birth date: April 16th, 1974
Birthplace: Beijing
Height: 168cm
Blood type: O
Education: Beijing Film Academy (graduated)
Profession: Actress, director, writer, lecturer and singer

Favorite color: Black and white
Favorite flower: Tulip
Favorite sport: Ping-pong
Favorite actress: Isabelle Adjani
Favorite actor: Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner

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Xu Jinglei Biography

Xu Jinglei was raised up in a rather traditional Beijing family, she showed her artistic talent since young and at the age of 19 she was enrolled into the prestigious Beijing Film Academy.

Xu Jinglei was given chance to act in a few TV series and movies even before she graduated from academy in 1997. Xu JingLei’s acting career didn’t boomed after her graduation, but she was given some chances to star in numerous TV dramas and movies, lots of the time not the leading role.

Xu Jinglei breakthrough came in 2002 when she wrote and directed the movie “My Father and I” which won her multiple awards. Suddenly people see her not just as an actress, but a brilliant multi-talented young lady.

Xu Jinglei become a superstar since then, but instead of rushing gold in her acting career, she went back to Beijing Film Academy as a guest lecturer. JingLei directed her 2nd movie in 2004 and acted in a few movies here and there.

There’s not much female movie makers in the East, perhaps not much in Hollywood as well. The rarity of successful female directors made Xu JingLei a precious gem in the Chinese movie industry.

Xu Jinglei turned a blogger in 2005 and very soon accumulated over 10 million viewers and she is currently the top celebrity blogger in China. It’s estimated that her blog visits exceeded 50 million in mid 2006.

Xu Jinglei also started to expand her talents into singing, releasing her 1st album in late 2006.

Xu JingLei Related Websites

Official blog (Chinese)

Why I like Xu Jinglei

Simply for her talent, Xu Jinglei is one of the most talented female I’ve ever read about.

Xu Jinglei is not the typical beauty, but do have her share of attractiveness. She looks smart and full of confident, and that makes her a charming lady.


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