Ito Misaki

Japanese artist Ito Misaki

Ito Misaki Profile

Name: Ito Misaki (Itoh Misaki, Itou Misaki, Misaki Ito)
Japanese name: ???? ( ??? ???)
Chinese name: ???? (????, ????)
Birthname: Anzai Tomoko ????
Birthdate: May 26, 1977
Birth place: Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan
Height: 171 cm
Blood Type: A
Family: Grandmother, parents, a brother and 2 sisters
Profession: Actress and model
Hobbies: Japanese cooking, tea ceremony and sports

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Ito Misaki Biography

Ito Misaki started her career in amateur modeling back in school days; Misaki made her fame when she starred in the TV commercial for Asahi beer and remains one of Japan’s favorite commercial model since then.

With her rising popularity, Ito Misaki has the chance to star in TV dramas as well as movies; some of her noticeable roles are like in “You’re Under Arrest“, “Ju On” and “About Love.”

Ito Misaki’s breakthrough in acting came in 2005, with the the role of Aoyama Saori (Hermes) in the superhit Japanese TV series “Densha Otoko” (aka Trainman) which swept all across Asia.

Ito Misaki has become one of Japanese most sort after actresses since then; and is one of the most popular Japanese actresses internationally.

Misaki’s latest TV drama will be “Maison Ikkoku,” based on popular manga and anime, and is scheduled to air in Spring 2007.

Why I like Ito Misaki

Simple, Ito Misaki is hot and beautiful. I watched quite some Japanese TV dramas which she acted in when she was not as famous as now… she was always eye-catching even if she’s not the leading lady.

Ito Misaki Pictures, Photos and Videos

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Ito Masaki Related Websites

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