Zhang Ziyi

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi Profile

Name: Zhang Ziyi (Ziyi Zhang, Zhang Zi Yi)
Chinese name: ???
Birthdate: February 9, 1979
Birth place: Beijing, China
Height: 164 cm
Blood type: O
Religion: Buddism
Family: Parents and an elder brother
Profession: Actress

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Zhang Ziyi Biography

Zhang Ziyi was trained as a dancer since 10 at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, and won in a national competition. Ziyi was regarded as one of nation’s most potential dancer back then but she felt that she couldn’t achieve much as a dancer, and decided to switch path to acting instead.

Ziyi’s talent in dancing perhaps contributed for her being accepted into China best drama school, the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Ziyi was just 15 then and had to start all-fresh in acting and worked extra hard than her fellow students.

Zhang Ziyi movie debut was actually back in 1996 with “Touching Starlight” which was not noticable. Ziyi’s breakthrough was when she went for an audition by renowned director Zhang Yi-Mou, and was selected by the director to lead his next movie.

The movie “The Road Home” was released in 1999, and Zhang Ziyi became a popular name in China.

It was however in 2001 movie, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” directed by Oscar winning director Ang Lee that burst Zhang Ziyi into international superstar status.

Ziyi’s experience with dancing and harsh physical training allowed her to make difficult moves in the martial arts award winning movie, and her kungfu fighting still remains as some of her trademarks nowadays.

Since then Ziyi has star in multiple movies production from Asia to Hollywood. Some of her familiar movies include “Rush Hour 2,” “Hero,” “2046,” “House of Flying Daggers” and “Memoirs Of A Geisha.”

2005 movie Memoirs Of A Geisha created lots of controversies in China where Ziyi was hammered with critics for acting as a Japanese in the movie (China and Japan relationship has been in tight situation ever since World War 2 back in 1940s). The Geisha role however won Ziyi a best actress nomination at US Golden Globe Awards.

Other than acting, Ziyi can sing as well. She sang “The Beauty Song” which was adapted from ancient Chinese poem, which was featured in movie House of Flying Daggers.

Zhang Ziyi’s latest movie is “The Banquet” which was released in Autumn 2006.

As one of the most recognizable Chinese around the globe, Ziyi’s pretty face has been appearing here and there, everywhere.. and we will be seeing her for at least another few more years as one of worldwide most influential actress.

Why I like Zhang Ziyi

There are always bunch of bad comments surrounding Zhang Ziyi, some of her fellow countrymen from China always critisize her for various reasons.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Ziyi, but I admire her for handling all the pressures and working hard on her acting career. Despite often critisized by local media, she remained polite and calm most all the time.

Nonetheless, Ziyi does have a charming appearance that is one of the most popular and lovable face around the globe.. and her contribution for Chinese/Asian movie industry is massive and deserve our respect.

Zhang Ziyi Pictures, Photos and Videos

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