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Fann Wong Profile

Name: Fann Wong (Fan Wen Fang, Fan Man Fong)
Chinese name: ???
Birth name: Fann Woon Fong
Birth date: January 27, 1971
Birth place: Singapore
Height: 171cm
Religion: Buddhism
Family: Parents, an elder sister, a younger brother and a younger sister
Education: La Salle International Academy (fashion merchandising, diploma)
Spoken Languages: Mandarin, English, B.Malaysia and Hakka
Profession: Actress, model and singer
Hobbies: Shopping, driving, comics reading and music listening

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Fann Wong Biography

Fann Wong got his artist name from taking the surname of her father Fann and surname of her mother Wong… thus Fann Wong.

Fann Wong won a cover girl contest at age of 16 and started her modeling career, traveling occassionaly to Taiwan for TV commercial ads filming. It was until 1994 when a Singapore TV producer invited Fann to star in a TV drama series, that Fann started her acting career.

Fann Wong debut is in TV drama “Dream Comes True” in 1994 and her acting in early 1995 production “Chronicles of Life” won her both best newcomer and best actress at 1995 Singapore Star Awards.

Fann Wong released her first music album “Fanntasy” in Singapore at 1996, but due to contract problems, the repacked album titled “I Live Alone” only released at Taiwan and other East Asia market at 1997, which was quite a hit back then.

Fann Wong was unstoppable since then, starring in various TV series, movies and music production.

In 1998, Fann Wong starred as ‘Xiao Long Nu’ in “Returns of Condor Heroes” and became a famous actress in China and worldwide Chinese community.

In 1999 Fann Wong starred in her first movie, Hong Kong production “Zhen Xin Hua.”

In 2000 Fann Wong became the first local artist to have a solo concert in Singapore indoor stadium.

Fann Wong was also the first Asian artist to feature as spokeswoman for international fashion power brand Emporio Armani.

In 2003 Fann made it into international arena with Hollywood production, “Shanghai Knights” starring alongside Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson.

In 2005 Fann starred in a Singapore-Germany joint production, telemovie “Haus der Harmonie” (House of Harmony), co-starring Philippe Brenninkmeyer and Maggie Q.

Fann Wong is currently in relation with her long term boyfriend, fellow Singaporean actor Chris Lee.

Why I like Fann Wong

I believe that Fann’s adventurous career had bought the world attention to the Singapore entertainment field, bringing an enormous development and opportunities for artist from Singapore and also neighbouring countries.

Fann Wong is also a versatile artist, she acts well, sing well and is a great fashion model.. and she’s beautiful.

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