Site announcement

This is a major site announcement; I am ‘merging’ this site with my personal site at YeinJee’s Asian Journal.

I’ll move some of the profiles over to the new site, but most of the original contents will stay as it is. Readers can still leave comments and share info with others, but I will not update this site anymore.

The new site covers topic about lifestyle, entertainment and other fun stuff. If you are only interested about entertainment, you can follow the Asian entertainment section instead.

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BoA’s album tops Japan chart again

Korean pop star BoA’s 6th album, “The Face” has top the Japanese Oricon chart after its release on Feb 27.

Korean pop star Kwon BoA

BoA’s previous 5 albums had also topped the chart before; she is only the 2nd artist to have had 6 albums topping the chart in a role. The other pop star that have managed to do so is Ayumi Hamasaki with 8 consecutive chart-topping albums.

Isabella Leong in relationship with billionaire

Uprising Asian actress Isabella Leong is rumoured to be in relationship with Richard Lee, one of the richest bachelor in Hong Kong with a networth of 1.2 billion US Dollars.

Isabella Leong and Richard Lee

Isabella, 20, and Richard, 42, is said to be in relationship after being introduced with each other by international star Michelle Yeoh while both the actress were filming “Mummy 3”.

Humming meets the press

Korean actor Lee Cheon-hee and actress Han Ji-hye met the press on Feb 27 to promote their latest movie, “Humming”…

Korean actor Lee Cheon-hee and actress Han Ji-hye at Humming press conference

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Fiona Sit hit by water bottle

Hong Kong star Fiona Sit was hit by a man with a water bottle on Feb 23 when she was attending a charity event.

Hong Kong artist Fiona Sit

The attacker was alleged to have thrown the bottle towards Fiona, which hit her right face and another worker at the event. Both of the victim didn’t suffer any major injuries, although Fiona’s face was a bit swollen after the incident.

The attacker claimed that it was an accident, but there are videos and eyewitnesses that suggest otherwise. The reason behind the attack is still unclear.

The attack has raised fear among Hong Kong artists about their personal safety in public area, as another female artist Angela Tong was slapped on her face just about a month ago.