Zhang Ziyi ‘migrates’ to Hong Kong

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has migrate to Hong Kong under HK’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS).

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

I am not sure if ‘migrate’ is the right word… Hong Kong is part of China afterall. There are a few advantages for Ziyi to move to Hong Kong though; one of the benefits is the ease of travelling overseas (which she does quite often)… some countries have different entry requirements (visa etc.) for mainland China residents and Hong Kong residents.

Stars celebrate Hong Kong’s return to China

Stars from China and Hong Kong had gathered together at a gala event in Beijing on Monday (June 25) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the administration of mainland China.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi at 10th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China gala

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Zhang Ziyi at Time magazine’s party

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi at a recent party hosted by Time Magazine together with her billionaire boyfriend Vivi Nevo

Zhang Ziyi at Time partyZhang Ziyi and Vivi Nevo at Time magazine party

[Image credits to Ifensi.com]

Zhang Ziyi and Jang Dong-gun in next movie

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was back in China to endorse Platinum Guild International (PGI), and was interviewed in Beijing.

Zhang Ziyi endorsed Platinum Guild International in China

It was mentioned that Ziyi will star in a cowboy movie with Korean star Jang Dong-gun; the filming is scheduled to start in May 2007. (Serious!?? 2 Asians in a cowboy movie?)

The press was probably more curious with her relationship with billionaire Vivi Nevo; Ziyi didn’t reveal much of the story, but said that she’s happy with the relationship.


Update – The movie is named “Laundry Warrior” (temporarily title) and will be directed by Korean director Lee Seung-moo

Forbes Chinese Celebrities Top 100 List

Forbes China released its latest Chinese celebrities top 100 list, which ranked mainland Chinese celebrities according to income and media exposure. (Chinese from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan etc. not included)

NBA basketball star Yao Ming tops the list…

Chinese NBA player Yao Ming

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