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Forbes China released its latest Chinese celebrities top 100 list, which ranked mainland Chinese celebrities according to income and media exposure. (Chinese from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan etc. not included) NBA basketball star Yao Ming tops the list... Chinese NBA player Yao Ming At 2nd is also an athlete, Liu Xiang who broke the world record for 110m hurdles... Chinese world record holder Liu Xiang Director Zhang Yimou is the first entertainer on the list, at 3rd spot... Chinese director Zhang Yimou While Zhang Ziyi is the highest ranked actor/actress at #4... Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi Supergirl Idol Li Yuchun is the highest ranked singer at #8... Chinese singer Li Yuchun Other celebrities that made it into the top 10 are all actresses... Gong Li (5), Zhou Xun (6), Fan Bingbing (7), Xu Jinglei (9) and Carina Lau (10).
Movie "Confession of Pain" premiered in Hong Kong on Tuesday, December 19. The premiere was attended by the main cast of Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Shu Qi, Xu Jinglei; and guest like Ayumi Hamasaki and Denise Ho etc. Confession of Pain Hong Kong premiere Japanese pop diva Ayumi was made the star of the night although she didn't act in the movie, but sing the Japanese theme song instead. Ayumi and Tony... Ayumi Hamasaki and Tony Leung at Confession of Pain premiere Ayumi and Takeshi... Ayumi Hamasaki and Takeshi Kaneshiro at Confession of Pain premiere Tony and Xu Jinglei, they star as a couple in the movie... Tony Leung and Xu Jinglei at Confession of Pain premiere Hong Kong singer Denise Ho who sing the Chinese theme song... Denise Ho at Confession of Pain premiere Supporting actor Chapman To and wife... Chapman To at Confession of Pain premiere [Image courtesy of]

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