TVXQ’s Hero voted prettiest Asian men

Hero (JaeJoong) from Korean boyband TVXQ is voted as the prettiest Asian men in a poll organised by China’s Xingkong TV channel.

Korean pop star Hero from TVXQ

Around 40 million votes have been casted, and Hero topped the poll with 10% of the votes (4.17 million).

Came in 2nd is Taiwanese heartthrob Jerry Yan; while 3rd place belongs to another TVXQ member U-know (YunHo).

4th-10th are Kazuya Kamenashi (Japan), Jimmy Lin, Vic Zhou (Taiwan), Tomohisa Yamashita (Japan), Han Geng (China), Joe Cheng (Taiwan) and Wu Zun (Brunei).

The funny thing is that only one China artist was on top 10… but Han Geng probably got in for being a member of Korean boyband Super Junior, so he is ‘half Korean’ actually.

Angela and Wu Chun visits Indonesia

Chinese star Angela Chang and Wu Chun was in Indonesia to promote their TV drama “Romantic Princess”. The duo (and some other cast) arrived at the airport on Friday (Nov 2) and attended a press conference later on…

Angela Chang and Wu Chun at Indonesia airport

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Japan filming Hana Kimi

Japan TV station FujiTV is filming TV drama Hana Kimi, based on popular manga “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” by Hisaya Nakajo.

Japanese manga and drama Hana Kimi

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Angela Zhang and Wu Zun star in same drama

Taiwanese pop star Angela Zhang and Brunei born heartthrob Wu Zun is starring in the same TV drama which has just started filming.

The cast of the drama attended a press conference on Friday (May 4); I hate guys with heavy makeup; Wu Zun (the one in the suit) looked ‘girlish’ with his heavily powdered face…

Angela Zhang, Wu Zun and cast of TV drama

I am not sure what is the English title; Chinese title is ???? which means like “princess in my house.”

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Wu Zun to co-star with Gillian Chung

Brunei born star Wu Zun is set to star with Hong Kong star Gillian Chung in his next movie.

Wu Zun in Hong Kong

Wu Zun arrived in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon (April 18) to meet the movie producer and director; it’s very likely that he will join the movie.

The details of the movie are not released yet, but it was mentioned that it’s related to swimming. The leading actress has been confirmed to be popular artist Gillian Chung.

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