Recent photos of Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yifei.

Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yi Fei

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“King of Kungfu” (or “Forbidden Kingdom”), the movie starring both Jet Li and Jackie Chan, is scheduled to premiere on May 1, 2008.

The filming of the movie is set to complete by end of the month (August 28). It’s reported that Jet has finished filming his part and is joining the production of another movie “Mummy 3” instead; while Jackie and other main cast still need a few more days to complete their scenes.

Update – I read from other news that May 1 is the release date in China; the film might be released earlier in US and other places in April.

Chinese star Crystal Liu Yifei is busy filming “King of Kungfu” with Jackie Chan and Jet Li… and the latest news……… her mum will be starring in the movie as well.

Crystal Liu and mother

According to some reports, Yifei’s mother will be starring in a small role as a goddess. In fact it’s more like a cameo role; she will only have one line of words in the movie, and Yifei will not be appearing in that particular shot… too bad, it would be fun.

Yifei’s mother was a famous stage performer when she was young, so I guess she won’t have any problem facing the camera.

(The pic above is not a recent photo)

Popular Chinese actress Li Bingbing has joined Ocean-Butterfly Music (OBmusic), and set to release her debut album soon.

Chinese actress Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing has been one of China’s most popular actresses for the past few years. She and Crystal Liu have just been confirmed their roles in movie “King of Kungfu,” starring alongside superstar Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Li Bingbing will be joining the likes of JJ Lin, Jeff Zhang and Rynn Lim etc. at OBmusic. She is currently in Singapore for music training.

[Image courtesy of Li’s official blog]

China actress Liu YifeiChina born actress Liu Yifei (???) is rumored to be joining in the “J&J Project,” a movie that’s starring 2 Asian action superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

The anticipated movie will be based on Chinese epic folklore “Journey to the West.”

Both Jackie and Jet have been interested in starring in the same movie for years, and the dream is likely to become reality this year, as the filming is scheduled to start in mid-2007.

It’s said that Liu Yifei is likely to be playing on of the 2 major female roles, as a little princess. Another popular China actress Li Bingbing (???) is hot favorite to claim the other female leading role as a demon.