A Destiny awaits

Korean movie “A Destiny” is set to premiere on March 20 in Korea. The movie is one of the most anticipated Korean productions in 2008 as it features actor Song Seung-hun, his first act since discharging from military service. Song is joined by a strong cast which includes Kwon Sang-woo and Ji Sung etc.

Korean movie A Destiny

Koreans want to travel with Song Seung-hun

A recent poll by Chosun asked 6950 respondents “Which male artist would they love to travel overseas with?”… and Song Seung-hun tops the list.

Travel oversea with Song Seung-hun

Song has always been one of Koreans’ favourite stars since “Autumn in my Heart”; he was hiatus for 2 years for military service and he is back now… and seems like the fans haven’t forgotten about him yet.

Came close at 2nd spot is actor Kwon Sang-woo. The amazing thing is that both Song and Kwon will be starring together in their next movie… the box office seems promising lol.


Park Han-byul the next big Korean star?

Korean actress Park Han-byul is rumoured to star in “Destiny,” the movie featuring the 2 big stars Kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-hun.

Korean actress Park Han-byul

Park is not an A-list actress, but she featured in some popular TV commercials that was showed around Asia and is quite well known online. Apparently some people were curious about the girl who featured in those commercials and actively seeking her details on the net, thus created the buzz about this girl.

Perhaps this will be Park Han-byul’s breakthrough movie that makes her the next big star from Korea.

Kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-hun’s Destiny

Korean star Kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-hun will star together in their next movie, “Destiny” (unconfirmed title).

Kwon Sang-woo and Song Seung-hun

This will be the first movie for Song Seung-hun since he was discharged from military service, and the movie has stirred quite some interest in Korea and across Asia before it’s even started filming.

Not quite sure about the story plot; but it’s reported that the producers are still looking for another 2 supporting actor and a leading actress.

The movie will start filming on May 21 in Seoul, and expected to premiere in December 2007.