Battle of Red Cliff – magazine scan

A Japanese magazine has published a special column for Chinese movie “Red Cliff” (credits to with interviews and some latest photos from the movie set.

Red Cliff is the highest budgeted Chinese movie ever produced; it is directed by renowned director John Woo and featured a strong cast of Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung, Vicki Zhao, Lin Zhi Ling etc.

Tony Leung in Battle of Red Cliff

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Megan Lai appointed Japan tourism ambassador

Megan Lai appointed Japan Tourism AmbassadorTaiwanese actress and model Megan Lai is appointed as Japan tourism ambassador to promote Japan tourism in Taiwan.

Megan was officially appointed by a Japanese minister in Tokyo; replacing supermodel Lin Zhi Ling who held the role for the past couple of years.

Lin Zhi Ling is currently involved in her debut movie, “The Battle of Red Cliff,” which is expected to finish filming no sooner than October 2007.

[Source: Udn]

Lin Zhi Ling bids sexiness goodbye?

A recent advertising poster from Taiwanese supermodel Lin Zhi Ling, endorsing a slimming service…

Sexy Lin Zhi Ling

The press are speculating that this could be her last sexy shot before she focus on her movie debut in “The Battle of Red Cliff.”

It’s reported that the photos were taken at a cold weather; Zhi Ling was soaked in water for almost 2 hours for the perfect shot, and she showed great professionalism with it.

Goodbye Chow Yun Fat, Hello again Tony Leung

The filming of big budget movie “The Battle of Red Cliff” suffered a mini-crisis when one of the leading actors Chow Yun Fat ‘resigned’ from the movie last weekend.

Surprisingly, the other actor that quit earlier last month, Tony Leung has decided to join the production again. According to some news source, Tony and the producers have already agreed on terms, and it’s pending on official signings only.

Well, who would have thought of these dramatic incidents; it’s better than the movie itself… perhaps someone should write a script and make it into a movie lo.

Since that Tony’s role is already taken by Takeshi Kaneshiro, if he is really coming back, he is likely to take Chow’s original role instead; but I strongly felt that Tony should take back his original role and Takeshi take on Chow’s role instead.

Besides, Tony is a couple inches shorter than Chow Yun Fat and his ‘wife’ Lin Zhi Ling… Takeshi seemed like a better-matched couple with Lin.

Chow Yun Fat quits The Battle of Red Cliff

Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat confirmed that he has quit the cast of “The Battle of Red Cliff.” He made the ‘resignation’ last Friday (April 13), but the news has just been discovered by the press on Sunday (April 15).

Some reports were speculating that that Chow was ‘fired’ because of his unreasonable demands; but according to Chow, he quits the production because he felt that he can’t play the role well with the short amount of time for preparation.

The movie requires the cast to speak in Mandarin, and it is not Chow’s mother tongue. Chow said that he had requested the script to be provided earlier so that he could have more time to prepare for his character; but he only managed to get his script a week ago, and he felt that he was short of time to do the preparation.

It is another setback for director John Woo; a month ago actor Tony Leung quitted the movie for personal reason, and now it’s Chow… meaning that he lost both of his original candidate for the 2 most important characters in the movie.

A few candidates have been rumored to replace Chow’s role, which include Daniel Wu, Jay Chou and Chang Chen.