Wang Lee Hom’s Taiwan concert

American born Chinese pop star Wang Lee Hom held his Taiwan concert over the weekend in Taipei. Taiwanese artists Selina Ren and Rainie Yang were the guest stars….

Pop star Wang Lee Hom

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Rainie Yang boycotted in Hunan

Taiwanese artist Rainie YangA Hunan TV station decided to stop showing Taiwanese TV drama “Devil Beside You,” starring Mike He and Rainie Yang.

It happens after the TV station received a petition signed by over thousands of TV viewers boycotting Rainie… seems like some people are still mad at a Rainie’s statement 4 years ago, some improper words (which I don’t think she really meant it) towards Chinese war victims in World War 2.

Rainie has apologized in public a couple of times, but there are still people that are unhappy about her. In fact despite her superstar fame in Taiwan, Rainie is not getting many chances to perform on big stages in China.

On the positive note there are still fans that stand for Rainie… it is said that her fans in Hunan is collecting signings on a different petition to request the TV station to show the drama again.

Rainie Yang’s surprise birthday present

Taiwanese star Rainie Yang celebrates her 23rd birthday with fans on Sunday (June 3) and received a big surprise from her management agency… a strip dancer!

Macho man celebrates Rainie Yang birthday

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Why Why Love started showing

Taiwanese drama “Why Why Love” (previously “Exchange Love“) has started showing on today (June 3) in Taiwan.

The cast and production team held a press conference cum party on Saturday (June 2) to celebrate the starting of the anticipated show.

Rainie, Mike and Kingone at Why Why Love press conference

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Spider Lilies hits cinema in Taiwan

Movie “Spider Lilies” has started showing in Taiwan cinemas on Wednesday (March 28).

The lesbian-related movie, directed by Zero Chou (weird name lol), had received great reviews from recent Berlin Film Festival, and is highly anticipated by movie fans.

The popularity of leading actress Rainie Yang has attracted high expectation from the movie. Rainie and her co-star Isabella Leong attended the Taiwan premiere in Taipei, and were ‘pressured’ by the fans and press to do a kiss scene on the spot…

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