Full House 2 in making

Season 2 of the hit KBS drama series ‘Full House’ is in the making. [KBS]

Rain and Song Hye-kyo in Full House

Casting will begin this year and the drama will be filmed and aired next year. The director has yet to be decided and it’s unclear whether Rain and Song Hye-kyo will be recast.

I think the producers will do their best to lure Rain and Hye-kyo for the sequel; and I think both the stars should accept it. Rain’s concert has not been going well recently, and SHK’s movie venture is not really a success… a hit season 2 for Full House would bring their popularity to peak again.

Well, off course nobody can guarantee that the sequel will be as successful… but I think it’s worth a try definitely.

No Rain in Los Angeles

Korean pop star Rain has cancelled his concert at Staples Center, Los Angeles, just an hour before the start of the show due to technical difficulties.

Korean pop star Rain

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Stephen Colbert vs Korean Rain

Famous US comedian Stephen Colbert made a parody on Korean pop star Rain’s song “How to Avoid the Sun,” funny video…

[Video removed by YouTube due to copyright violation]

Stephen Colbert is ranked #2 on Time’s recent online poll on world’s most influential people; #1 spot belongs to Rain (Bi)… thus led to the parody. The irony thing is, both of them are not on the official list of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

This is the original music video by Rain…

Korean old ladies like Rain

Korean artist RainKorean TV station MBC has conducted a survey among Koreans from teenage to 70s in age… Rain is the favourite male artist among ladies in their 70s lol.

Some other stats… actor Jang Dong-gun is favourite among ladies ranged from 30s to 60s; Jo In-sung is favourite among 20s.

Kim Tae-hee is the favourite among guys in teenage, 20s and 40s; Son Ye-jin the favourite among 30s.

43rd Korean Baeksang Arts Awards winning list

The winners of 43rd Korean Baeksang Arts Awards 2007.


Daesang award (First prize or Big prize) – War of Flowers
Best film – The Host
Best director – Choi Dong-hoon (War of Flowers)
Best new director – Jeon Gye-soo (The Ghost Theater)
Best actor – Ryu Seung-beom (Bloody Tie)
Best actress – Yeom Jeong-ah (The Old Garden)
Best new actor – Jeong Ji-hoon (I’m a Cyborg, but it’s Ok)
Best new actress – Park Si-yeon (The Fox Family)
Best screen writing – Lee Hae-jun and Lee Hae-yeong (Like a Virgin)
Popularity award – Lee Jun-ki and Kim Tae-hee


Daesang award (First prize or Big prize) – Jumong
Best show (drama) – Seoul 1945
Best show (educational) – SOS 24
Best director – Ahn Pan-suk (Behind the White Tower)
Best new director – Kim Hyeong-sik (Surgeon Bong Da-hee)
Best actor – Kim Myung-min (Behind the White Tower)
Best actress – Son Ye-jin (Alone in Love)
Best new actor – Park Hae-jin (Famous Princesses)
Best new actress – Koh Ara (Snow Flower)
Best screen writing – Jeong Hyeong-su and Choi Wan-gyu (Jumong)
Popularity award – Lee Bum-soo and Han Yeh-seul

Baeksang is considered one of the 3 major movie and TV awards in Korea. Congratulations to all the winners.