Chinese girls joining Morning Musume

Popular all-girls J-pop group “Morning Musume” welcomes their 1st (and 2nd) non-Japanese members to the group.

The 2 latest members of the band are Li Chun (??, 19, pic on our left) and Qian Lin (??, 16) from China.

Li Chun of Morning MusumeQian Lin of Morning Musume

Morning Musume (@ Morning Girls, @ M?ningu Musume etc.) is an interesting project by “Hello Project” agency. The members of the group are mostly teens, and are constantly reshuffled with older members retiring from the group (normally at around age 20) to expand their solo career (if chances are granted), while new members are constantly added to refill the spots.

Morning Musume has been very popular in Japan for the last decade, but I can’t recall any of its ‘retirees’ doing particularly well after going solo. A few Japanese superstars are however discovered from their auditions, such as Koda Kumi, Aya Matsuura and Mai Kuraki etc.

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