Rush Hour 3 premiere in Hollywood

“Rush Hour 3” made its premiere on July 30 in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Director Brett Ratner and the main cast of Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Zhang Jingchu, Hiroyuki Sanada and Youki Kudoh have attended the event.

Jackie Chan…

Jackie Chan at Rush Hour 3 premiere

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Paris Hilton can really write a book now

It’s unimaginable how the LA’s law system works… Paris Hilton could be sent into jail for 45 days, and released after 3 days to serve the sentence at home due to undisclosed medical condition, and now the court has ordered that she be put into jail again.

Sounds more like a Hollywood movie plot than what is happening in real life. I guess Paris Hilton will have enough dramas to write a book about the saga now.

Paris Hilton sentenced to 45 days in jail

A judge sentenced a shocked and tearful Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail on Friday, ruling that the hotel heiress violated her probation for a previous traffic offense by knowingly driving without a valid license.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer rejected Hilton’s defense that she didn’t realize her license was suspended and ordered the 26-year-old socialite to report to a county detention facility on June 5. [Source]

I bet Paris is going to publish a book and become even more famous after serving her jail time. Hope that she will not be victimized in jail because of her celebs status though.