Bull Fighting meet the press

The main cast of Taiwanese drama “Bull Fighting” held a press conference last week (Oct 18). The TV drama features pop star Hebe Tian and actors Mike He and Lee Wei…

Bull Fighting cast - Hebe, Mike and Lee Wei

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Ella broke up with Josh

Taiwanese pop star Ella Chen (from S.H.E) has revealed that her relationship with Josh has ended.

Taiwanese pop group S.H.E

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Mike He and his crazy fans in Hong Kong

Taiwanese star Mike He arrived in Hong Kong on Friday (July 6) to promote his drama and was welcomed by a couple hundreds of crazy fans at the airport.

Mike He and his crazy fans in Hong Kong airport

I am not sure if Mike would be happy with the situation though; his fans caused some real havoc in the airport, totally ignoring the safety and convenience of the other airport users.

It’s reported that some visitors’ luggage were thrown onto the floor, and some kindergarten kids (as seen in the pic) on school tour were stunned by the rushing crowd. Luckily no one is reported hurt.

Honestly I hate to see this kind of fans; their act was absolutely selfish and idiotic. I hope there are not many readers here that will act like that… it’s fine to love an idol, but when somebody else are disturb or hurt by some crazy fan-act, that’s over the line.

I wish Mike a good stay in Hong Kong, and hope that he could take some time to educate those fans.

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Why Why Love started showing

Taiwanese drama “Why Why Love” (previously “Exchange Love“) has started showing on today (June 3) in Taiwan.

The cast and production team held a press conference cum party on Saturday (June 2) to celebrate the starting of the anticipated show.

Rainie, Mike and Kingone at Why Why Love press conference

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Mike He: Ariel Lin has the fairest skin

Taiwanese heartthrob Mike He said that Ariel Lin has the fairest skin among all the actresses that he has worked together.

Mike He endorsing skincare product Mike He endorsing skincare product

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