Goodbye Chow Yun Fat, Hello again Tony Leung

The filming of big budget movie “The Battle of Red Cliff” suffered a mini-crisis when one of the leading actors Chow Yun Fat ‘resigned’ from the movie last weekend.

Surprisingly, the other actor that quit earlier last month, Tony Leung has decided to join the production again. According to some news source, Tony and the producers have already agreed on terms, and it’s pending on official signings only.

Well, who would have thought of these dramatic incidents; it’s better than the movie itself… perhaps someone should write a script and make it into a movie lo.

Since that Tony’s role is already taken by Takeshi Kaneshiro, if he is really coming back, he is likely to take Chow’s original role instead; but I strongly felt that Tony should take back his original role and Takeshi take on Chow’s role instead.

Besides, Tony is a couple inches shorter than Chow Yun Fat and his ‘wife’ Lin Zhi Ling… Takeshi seemed like a better-matched couple with Lin.

Lin Zhi Ling criticized for cheap-act

Taiwan supermodel Lin Zhi Ling (Chiling, ???) was criticized by international renowned director Tsai Ming Liang (???).

Lin Zhi Ling dancing Tango with Terry Guo

The Malaysian born award winning director was referring to Chiling’s act at a recent company-dinner by Taiwan richest man, Terry Guo (???).

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Jerry and Hebe most wanted date on Valentine’s Day

Jerry Yan (???) and Hebe Tian (???) topped a Taiwan poll for Most Wanted Celebrities’ Date on Valentine’s Day.

Taiwan artist Jerry YanTaiwan artist Hebe Tian

Over 1.2 million votes were collected, and Jerry was the overwhelming winner with over 800,000 votes. 2nd and 3rd on the male celebrities list are Sam Wang (???) and Wu Chun (??).

Top 3 female celebrities are Hebe, Lin Zhi Ling (???) and Ada Pan (???).

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

Chiling to sue magazine

Taiwan supermodel Lin Chiling (???) is going to sue a Taiwan magazine (???) for invading her private property and for defamation.

Taiwan supermodel Lin Chiling

It happened that the magazine published some photos of the interior of Chiling’s new house (still under renovation), and wrote some comments that she’s setting some fengshui element to hunt a rich husband/boyfriend.

Chiling is sueing the magazine’s chief editor and the journalist who wrote the article.


YummyCelebrities most popular artists 2006

It’s the end of 2006, Happy 2007 everyone. Thanks for reading this celebrity blog all this while, and I hope that all of you have find this useful and entertaining.

Below is the list of 10 most popular artists that’s listed among the 40+ profiles I have here. The list is judged according to monthly average of comments and numbers of visitors.

So here it goes…

1. Crystal Liu Yifei (China)
2. Kim Tae-hee (Korea)
3. Mike He Jun Xiang (Taiwan)
4. Ariel Lin Yi Chen (Taiwan)
5. Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (Taiwan)
6. Song Hye-kyo (Korea)
7. Jun Ji-hyun (Korea)
8. Ito Misaki (Japan)
9. Vicki Zhao Wei (China)
10. Lin Zhi Ling (Taiwan)

Note that the ranking only reflects the popularity of the celebrities at YummyCelebrities, and not presenting the celebrities’ popularity in real life situation.

Again, Happy 2007!