Lee Jun-ki signs for EEG

Korean star Lee Jun-ki is officially a member of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in Hong Kong and China. EEG will manage his career in Chinese region (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Lee Jun-ki joins EEG

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Something wrong with Hyori

I always thought that Korean star Lee Hyori should look good wearing anything… I was wrong.

Korean pop star Lee Hyori

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Lee Hyori – Vidal Sassoon commercial

Korean commercial featuring pop star Lee Hyori.

Hyori looks cute and sexy, but I don’t really like the ad. Sassoon is a hair styling brand, but it doesn’t seem like Hyori is endorsing anything related to her hair in the film.

I think the commercial producers (and Hyori herself) are trying too hard her flesh and neglecting the true value of an advertisement; that is to promote a product, not the commercial model…

Park Kyung-lim married with non celeb

Korean comedian Park Kyung-lim is married to her non-celebrity boyfriend (or should I say hubby?) on Sunday (July 15). There are probably in honeymoon now at the romantic getaway of Bali.

Park Kyung-lim wedding
[Image credits to laelwedding.co.kr]

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Lee Hyori makes Japanese drool

Korean pop star Lee Hyori was in Japan for series of event. She was in SG Wanna Bes Japan concert on June 3, and then attended press conference for her latest TV drama “If In Love Like Them” on June 4.

Hyori at SG Wanna Be’s concert…

Lee Hyori at SG Wanna Be Japan concert

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