BoA’s album tops Japan chart again

Korean pop star BoA’s 6th album, “The Face” has top the Japanese Oricon chart after its release on Feb 27.

Korean pop star Kwon BoA

BoA’s previous 5 albums had also topped the chart before; she is only the 2nd artist to have had 6 albums topping the chart in a role. The other pop star that have managed to do so is Ayumi Hamasaki with 8 consecutive chart-topping albums.

BoA – Hite beer commercial

Korean pop star BoA with her latest beer commercial…

Hyori set date for BoA and Jun-ki

Korean star Lee Jun-ki celebrated his 26th birthday with his fans in a party at Seoul, on April 15.

Hyori at Jun-ki birthday party

Jun-ki’s buddy Lee Hyori was invited to the party as well; and revealed a little bit of secret… that in late 2006, while she and Jun-ki were filming a commercial; Jun-ki asked her to introduce another pop star Kwon BoA to him.

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BoA – Sweet Impact music video

New song from Korean pop star Kwon BoA

Update – Youtube removed the MV… below is the video of a live show instead…

Kwon BoA is Korea highest earning artist in 2006

Korea singer Kwon BoAKorean pop star Kwon BoA is Korea highest earning artist in 2006, according to a Korea report. BoA makes ~US$30 million in 2006, with her album sales and advertisement appearance.

Listed 2nd on the list is Bae Yong-joon. The report calculates income based on entertainment industry only, but if other industries like Bae’s restaurant business are calculated, Bae Yong-joon should be the highest earning artist.

Other high earning artists that are mentioned in the list include Jang Dong-gun, Eric Mun, Rain and Kim Hee-seon.