Liu Yifei picture gallery 5

Recent photos of Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yifei.

Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yi Fei

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The master of all masters

Martial arts master Wu Bin attended an Olympic promotion event on Thursday (August 23)…

Martial arts master Wu Bin

You might not know who he is, but his apprentices will sure raise some eyebrows… Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Wu Jing etc. Most people should know about Jet Li; Westerners might not be too familiar with Donnie and Wu Jing, but they are quite famous in Chinese region.

Isabella Leong to star in Mummy 3

Macau artist Isabella LeongMacau born actress Isabella Leong is set to star in “Mummy 3” according to some recent reports.

Isabella is reported to be starring as Michelle Yeoh’s daughter. Isabella’s agent refused to comment on this matter, which normally means that the news is true; otherwise the agent would have denied it.

Earlier last week another actress Crystal Liu was rumored to star in Mummy 3 as well. From the reports it seems that Isabella is taking a different role… but it’s just a guess; everything can only be confirmed when it’s officially announced.

Mummy 3 also stars Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello and Luke Ford. The movie will start filming in July in Canada and China.

Liu Yifei to star in Mummy 3?

Recent rumors indicate that young Chinese actress Liu Yifei might be starring in Hollywood movie “Mummy 3: Curse of the Dragon.”

Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yifei

Besides Brendan Fraser, Asian stars Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh have agreed to join the movie. The producer is still looking for a young Asian actress to fit in a supporting role, and Yifei has caught their attention.

Liu Yifei is currently filming “Forbidden Kingdom” with Jackie Chan and Jet Li, while the filming of Mummy 3 is set to start filming in China in August… so the schedule might be a bit tight. However, since that Jet Li is also tied with both movies, I doubt the schedule is not an issue for Yifei.

Question is, how true is the rumour?

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Stars posed for Hong Kong Film Awards 2007

The best leading actors and actresses nominees for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards had posed for a photoshot to promote the event.

Pretty nice photo, doesn’t seem like a clean shot though, more like a computer edited image instead…

The best leading actors and actresses nominees for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards

From left to right… Chow Yun Fat, Isabella Leong, Aaron Kwok, Angelica Lee, Tony Leung, Rene Liu, Sean Lau, Jet Li and Teresa Mo (Gong Li who is also nominated was not available).

The award presentation night is on April 15, 2007.