“Slam Dunk” started filming

The cast and crew of “Slam Dunk” attended a function in Shanghai to announce the start of filming the movie.

Slam Dunk the movie started filming

Adapted from popular Japanese manga, Slam Dunk stars Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, Hong Kong idol Charlene Choi, and others like Jacky Wu, Eric Tsang and Berlin Chen etc.

Slam Dunk the manga (manga = Japanese comic) is one of the all time best selling manga in Japan, and arguably the most popular manga ever in Asia region as well.

This is the first ever live action movie adaptation of the manga, so it’s highly anticipated by the manga fans.


S.H.(no E) back to Guess Guess Guess show

Selina and Hebe of S.H.E are back to host Taiwan popular variety show, “Guess Guess Guess” alongside Jacky Wu.

S.H.E hosted the show a few years back when they just started venturing into entertainment world. Selina and Hebe are replacing the departed A-Ya and Rainie Yang.

Selina and Hebe back to Guess Guess Guess

Ella is not joining the duo because she’s busy with her prospering acting career.

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Rainie Yang retires from “Guess Guess Guess”

Rainie Yang is retiring from “Guess Guess Guess,” one of Taiwan’s top variety shows that she co-hosted since 2002.

Rainie recorded her last show on January 8 (Monday), alongside veteran host Jacky Wu and guest-hostess Alice…

Rainie Yang, Jacky Wu and Alice at Guess show

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