Ito Misaki is the worst acting Japanese actress?

Ito Misaki is voted as the Japanese actress with worst acting skills in a recent Japanese poll.

Japanese actress Ito Misaki

I have been a fan of Misaki even before she became hugely popular with “Densha Otoko.” I think that she is cute, but just an ok actress… but the worst? I don’t think so.

Btw, Ito Misaki is currently in Hawaii filming for a new movie. I guess she couldn’t be bothered with some little polls.

Densha Otoko – You’re Beautiful fan-made video

A fan-made video featuring clips from popular Japanese drama “Densha Otoko” (starring Ito Misaki and Atsushi Ito). The song “You’re Beautiful” is from British singer James Blunt.

Good drama, lovely song… but what I really like about this video is how the author matched the lyric and the clips nicely, as if it’s a mini-drama of its own. Bravo.

Ito Misaki celebrates Shiseido anniversary in Taiwan

Popular Japanese actress and model, Ito Misaki (????), is in Taipei to attend Shiseido’s 50th anniversary in Taiwan. Misaki is Shiseido’s spokesperson.

Japanese actress Ito Misaki

Ito Misaki arrived in Taiwan on Thursday (Feb 1); it’s her first visit to Taiwan since 2003 (also for a Shiseido’s event).

Taiwanese fans and press might be a bit disappointed though, that Misaki’s only public appearance was during the Shiseido’s luncheon on Friday (Feb 2). Misaki is going back to Japan on Saturday (Feb 3).


YummyCelebrities most popular artists 2006

It’s the end of 2006, Happy 2007 everyone. Thanks for reading this celebrity blog all this while, and I hope that all of you have find this useful and entertaining.

Below is the list of 10 most popular artists that’s listed among the 40+ profiles I have here. The list is judged according to monthly average of comments and numbers of visitors.

So here it goes…

1. Crystal Liu Yifei (China)
2. Kim Tae-hee (Korea)
3. Mike He Jun Xiang (Taiwan)
4. Ariel Lin Yi Chen (Taiwan)
5. Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (Taiwan)
6. Song Hye-kyo (Korea)
7. Jun Ji-hyun (Korea)
8. Ito Misaki (Japan)
9. Vicki Zhao Wei (China)
10. Lin Zhi Ling (Taiwan)

Note that the ranking only reflects the popularity of the celebrities at YummyCelebrities, and not presenting the celebrities’ popularity in real life situation.

Again, Happy 2007!