Fahrenheit filmed video for Disney

Taiwanese pop group Fahrenheit was in Hong Kong to film a promotional video for HK’s Disneyland.

Fahrenheit in Disneyland

A few hundreds fans flocked to Disney just to see the stars in action.

[Image courtesy of On.cc]

S.H.E and Fahrenheit latest music video

Latest MV from Taiwanese pop groups S.H.E and Fahrenheit…

The song title is pronounced ‘xie xie ni de wen rou’ (??????), which literally means ‘thanks for your gentleness’…

Stephen Chow wants Wu Zun

Famous actor/director Stephen Chow has expressed interest to feature rising star Wu Zun in his next production.

Brunei born artist Wu Zun

Stephen Chow is planning to produce a TV drama based on his popular movie “Kungfu Hustle,” and Wu Zun is hot favorite to star as the leading actor.

Wu Zun was born in Brunei and is arguably the hottest rising star in Chinese region. He is a member of boyband “Fahrenheit” and work on solo in a few popular TV dramas like “Tokyo Juliet” and “Hana Kimi.”

[Image courtesy of on.cc]

Fahrenheit and Hebe music video

A Chinese MV from Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit, featuring pop star Hebe from S.H.E.

Fahrenheit has been getting really popular since their recent debut, definitely going places. The 4 boys are Wu Zun (from Brunei), Calvin, Jiro and Aaron.

Taipei 101 New Year countdown concert (gallery)

Countdown concert for 2007 at Taipei 101, world’s tallest building which is located at the capitol of Taiwan; here are some of the pictures from the stars’ performances.

Boy band Fahrenheit…

Fahrenheit at Taipei 101 countdown 2007

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