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The production team of TV drama "Exchange Love" (unconfirmed title; 換換愛) had organized a special day (March 13) for the press to visit the film set and to interview the cast. Exchange Love has been highly anticipated for grouping the same main cast and crew from superhit drama "Devil Beside You," including actors Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang (our right to left)... Kingone, Rainie and Mike Mike, Rainie and Kingone with other supporting actresses... Exchange Love actors and actresses Mike He Jun Xiang... Taiwanese actor Mike He Jun Xiang Rainie Yang Cheng Lin... Taiwanese artist Rainie Yang The actual storyline is unreleased yet, but it's known that Rainie will be playing a poor and stingy girl while Mike a rich (and a bit spoilt) kid. [Image credits to]

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