Official trailer of “The Forbidden Kingdom”… movie starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano, Crystal Liu and Li Bingbing etc.

The movie is set to show in April or May 2008 depending on locations.

[Official site]

Recent photos of Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yifei.

Chinese artist Crystal Liu Yi Fei

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Taiwanese artist Ella Chen (from S.H.E) is voted Taiwan’s most beautiful lady in a recent poll, beating the likes of supermodel Lin Zhi Ling etc.

Ella herself is surprised by the results and attributes the ‘success’ to her fans. The result has caused quite some debate though, as fans are accusing each other for cheating and abusing the voting system… (I am not sure how the voting works)

The poll was organized by a local paper and the voting was held for a total of 25 days. Ella tops the poll with 5844 votes, 699 ahead of Lin Zhi Ling. China star Liu Yifei is at 11 spot, but is the top non-Taiwanese artist on the poll.

Commercial film featuring Chinese star Crystal Liu Yi Fei, for a cosmetic product…

Thanks to vivibear for the video.

Chinese star Crystal Liu Yifei is busy filming “King of Kungfu” with Jackie Chan and Jet Li… and the latest news……… her mum will be starring in the movie as well.

Crystal Liu and mother

According to some reports, Yifei’s mother will be starring in a small role as a goddess. In fact it’s more like a cameo role; she will only have one line of words in the movie, and Yifei will not be appearing in that particular shot… too bad, it would be fun.

Yifei’s mother was a famous stage performer when she was young, so I guess she won’t have any problem facing the camera.

(The pic above is not a recent photo)

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