It’s been 2 weeks since dear Wei Lun (???) passed away… her family, friends and fans held a memorial concert (2007????????) for Wei Lun on Friday (February 9).

Beatrice Xu Wei Lun memorial concert

Here are 10 videos from the mini-concert, might take a while to load. Thanks to everyone who uploaded the videos.

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Thanks to reader ryoko_margareth, found out that Wei Lun (???) did record a song in 2004 in the OST for TV drama “Nine Balls.”

The song title is “Freedom,” duet with Gary Cao (??). Sounds pretty good; felt sorry for her… she could be a very successful singer.

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Taiwan artist Xu Wei LunTaiwan actress Xu Wei Lun passed away at 7.37pm on Sunday (January 28). Her heartbeat stopped at 5.09pm and the doctors didn’t managed to get her back after 2 hours of rescue.

Wei Lun met with a car accident on Friday night and couldn’t recover from her head injury. She suffered internal bleeding in her skull.

Wei Lun was one of my favorite actresses, in fact she’s the first actress I wrote about when I started this site back in 2005… so it’s kinda sad really.

It’s sad to see her died at such a young age; she’s a good actress and got some good talents… she was actually planning to release her debut album later this year.

I bet her fans will be sad with the tragic lost, just like I do. Hope that Wei Lun will find peace in heaven. RIP my dear Wei Lun.

Taiwan actress Xu Wei Lun is badly injured in a car accident on Friday night (January 26).

Wei Lun and her assistant met with the accident around 11pm on Friday; their car crashed onto the highway safety barrier and was knocked by a truck behind them.

Xu Wei Lun car crash

According to reports Wei Lun is in coma currently, and in critical condition because of internal bleeding in her skull. Her assistant was also injured but not critical.

Hope that Wei Lun will recover safely, my best wishes.

Update – sad news, Wei Lun passed away on Sunday evening. RIP.

Dear Wei Lun passed away on January 28, 2007. RIP.

Taiwanese actress Xu Wei Lun

Xu Wei Lun profile

Name: Xu Wei Lun (Hsu Wei Lun, Hui Wei Lun, Beatrice Xu)
Nickname: Lun Lun ??
Chinese name: ??? (???)
Birth date: November 13, 1978
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 168 cm
Blood type: A
Family: Parents and a younger brother
Education: Tamkang University, Taiwan (French Study)
Spoken languages: Mandarin, English, French and ??
Profession: Actress and model

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