Zhang Ziyi at Time magazine’s party

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi at a recent party hosted by Time Magazine together with her billionaire boyfriend Vivi Nevo

Zhang Ziyi at Time partyZhang Ziyi and Vivi Nevo at Time magazine party

[Image credits to Ifensi.com]

Zhang Ziyi and Jang Dong-gun in next movie

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi was back in China to endorse Platinum Guild International (PGI), and was interviewed in Beijing.

Zhang Ziyi endorsed Platinum Guild International in China

It was mentioned that Ziyi will star in a cowboy movie with Korean star Jang Dong-gun; the filming is scheduled to start in May 2007. (Serious!?? 2 Asians in a cowboy movie?)

The press was probably more curious with her relationship with billionaire Vivi Nevo; Ziyi didn’t reveal much of the story, but said that she’s happy with the relationship.


Update – The movie is named “Laundry Warrior” (temporarily title) and will be directed by Korean director Lee Seung-moo

Zhang Ziyi and Vivi Nevo at Armani fashion show

International Chinese star Zhang Ziyi (???) and billionaire boyfriend Vivi Nevo were at a Armani’s pre-Oscar fashion show on Saturday (February 24).

Zhang Ziyi and Vivi Nevo at Armani fashion show.

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Aviv Vivi Nevo is Zhang Ziyi new boyfriend

The mysterious man who’s Zhang Ziyi‘s latest boyfriend finally revealed… he is Aviv ‘Vivi’ Nevo, an Israeli and one of the richest man in New York.

There are some early speculations about “who is the man?” Some said he is a French actor, some said he is a neighbour of US president George Bush… but the latest Chinese reports indicate that he is indeed New York investment mogul Vivi Nevo.

I bet Vivi Nevo is fast becoming China #1 public enemy after the release of this photo lol…

Zhang Ziyi kissing Vivi Nevo

A bit more about Vivi Nevo… he is a venture capitalist, one of the largest shareholders of Time Warner (one of the largest media firm in the world); he was spotted going out with Kate Moss (UK supermodel) and rumored to be seeing Jeisa Chiminazzo (Brazilian supermodel).

Reports also said that Vivi Nevo is just 41, but he sure looks much older than that… he needs a stylist and some plastic surgery seriously if he’s just 41.