S.H.(no E) back to Guess Guess Guess show

Selina and Hebe of S.H.E are back to host Taiwan popular variety show, “Guess Guess Guess” alongside Jacky Wu.

S.H.E hosted the show a few years back when they just started venturing into entertainment world. Selina and Hebe are replacing the departed A-Ya and Rainie Yang.

Selina and Hebe back to Guess Guess Guess

Ella is not joining the duo because she’s busy with her prospering acting career.

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Rainie Yang retires from “Guess Guess Guess”

Rainie Yang is retiring from “Guess Guess Guess,” one of Taiwan’s top variety shows that she co-hosted since 2002.

Rainie recorded her last show on January 8 (Monday), alongside veteran host Jacky Wu and guest-hostess Alice…

Rainie Yang, Jacky Wu and Alice at Guess show

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