Site announcement

This is a major site announcement; I am ‘merging’ this site with my personal site at YeinJee’s Asian Journal.

I’ll move some of the profiles over to the new site, but most of the original contents will stay as it is. Readers can still leave comments and share info with others, but I will not update this site anymore.

The new site covers topic about lifestyle, entertainment and other fun stuff. If you are only interested about entertainment, you can follow the Asian entertainment section instead.

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Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!

Visit my new blog

I have started some blogs recently.

One of the blog that should appeal to the readers at YummyCelebrities is my Asian pop blog, where I will share information about Asian pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, general news and lots of interesting Asian stuff.

The comments section on the new blog is closed; I have learned from here that it’s hardwork answering all the questions… and the bigger the site grows, the more hardwork as well.

I welcome comments about the new site, feel free to share your review here… good or bad.

Visit my new blog, thanks.

Sorry for the website downtime

Hi dear all,

Some of you might have noticed that YummyCelebrities was down for 24-48 hours since Friday. I was moving to a new server because the site is getting bigger and the old web-hosting package was not enough to support the current traffic.

I made some mistake during the transfer though, and caused a much longer downtime than expected… for friends and readers that were not able to access this website, sorry for that. My apology for the sponsors also, hopefully the downtime didn’t cause much damage.

The website should be back to normal now, I will do regular updates again on Monday. If you find anything unusual with the website, please leave a comment here with the details, thanks.

Thanks for all your continuous support, it’s great to know that there are people sharing the same interest and could interact with each other because of this website. Cheers!

Happy Chinese New Year and holiday notice

An early wish of Happy Chinese New Year to fellow Chinese.

I will be away on holiday to celebrate CNY. This website will not be updated during this period (probably until next Friday (Feb 23)) and I will not be able to reply to your comments as well.

Thanks for all your readings and comments, see you again next week.