Fann Wong joins China entertainment conglomerate

Singapore artist Fann Wong (???) is joining Huayi Brothers, one of the largest China entertainment conglomerates.

Singapore artist Fann Wong

According to Huayi’s spokesmen, Fann Wong has signed the contract 2 weeks ago, and an official announcement of the contract signing will be made after Chinese New Year.

Fann Wong was quite popular in China in late 90s with TV drama “Return of Condor Heroes” (1998 version) and a few other Chinese TV series.

It’s probably a win-win deal for both ends, as Huayi will use Fann’s popularity in South East Asia to expand their market; while Fann Wong could capitalize on Huayi’s China network to rebuild her popularity.

6th Global Chinese Music Award in Singapore

Singapore singer Stephanie Sun, 6th Global Chinese Music AwardThe 6th Global Chinese Music Award was held in Singapore on October 28.

The Global Chinese Music Awards are based on joint organization and selection from 7 major radio stations from Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

The award presentation is organized in rotation, last year it was in Malaysia and this year it’s Singapore that host the event.

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Fiona Xie Wan Yu

Singapore actress Fiona Xie Wan Yu

Fiona Xie Wan Yu Profile

Name: Fiona Xie Wan Yu (Xie WangYu)
Chinese name: ???
Birth date: January 24, 1982
Birth place: Singapore
Height: 165cm
Language spoken: English, Mandarin and some Cantonese
Profession: Actress and TV host

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Fann Wong, Daily-C advertisement

It’s an old advertisement in 1999 from Singapore star Fann Wong. Fann sure got some loyal fans that are able to dig out these 2 commercial ad from 7 years ago.

The advertisement was show in Taiwan for Daily-C orange juice, not even sure if the product is still in the market lol.

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Stefanie Sun joins EMI-Capitol

Singapore singer Stefanie Sun YanZi has joined EMI-Capitol, the same music recording company with Taiwan pop star Jolin Tsai.

Stephanie and Jolin are good buddies, and are 2 of the most influential Chinese singers currently. Both of them share different music genre though, so there’s not too much competition in between.

I just hope that Stephanie doesn’t undergo drastic image change like Jolin after signing for EMI-Capitol. Both of them will just need to focus on their singing.