Stars posed for Hong Kong Film Awards 2007

The best leading actors and actresses nominees for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards had posed for a photoshot to promote the event.

Pretty nice photo, doesn’t seem like a clean shot though, more like a computer edited image instead…

The best leading actors and actresses nominees for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards

From left to right… Chow Yun Fat, Isabella Leong, Aaron Kwok, Angelica Lee, Tony Leung, Rene Liu, Sean Lau, Jet Li and Teresa Mo (Gong Li who is also nominated was not available).

The award presentation night is on April 15, 2007.


Lin Zhi Ling criticized for cheap-act

Taiwan supermodel Lin Zhi Ling (Chiling, ???) was criticized by international renowned director Tsai Ming Liang (???).

Lin Zhi Ling dancing Tango with Terry Guo

The Malaysian born award winning director was referring to Chiling’s act at a recent company-dinner by Taiwan richest man, Terry Guo (???).

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Michelle Yeoh as astronaut saving earth

Malaysia born actress Michelle Yeoh (???) will star as an astronaut (and biologist) in her latest movie “Sunshine.”

Movie Sunshine

Directed by Danny Boyle, the sci-fi movie is about a team of astronauts trying to save the sun from dying. Also starring in the movie are Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy and Hiroyuki Sanada (?? ??) etc.

Taipei 101 New Year countdown concert (gallery)

Countdown concert for 2007 at Taipei 101, world’s tallest building which is located at the capitol of Taiwan; here are some of the pictures from the stars’ performances.

Boy band Fahrenheit…

Fahrenheit at Taipei 101 countdown 2007

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S.H.E biggest winner at TVB8 Music Awards 2006

Taiwan popular girls group S.H.E was the biggest winners of the night at the TVB8 (Golden Melody) Music Awards 2006, which was held on December 17 (Sunday).

Taiwan girls group S.H.E

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