Brazil model Gisele Bundchen joins anorexia debates

Supermodel Gisele BŁndchen has entered Brazil’s growing debate over anorexia, saying families are to blame, and not the fashion industry.

Brazil supermodel Gisele Bundchen

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Forbes Best Paid Young Celebrities

Forbes created a list of Best Paid Young Celebrities by filtering their 2006 edition of Forbes’ Celebrity 100, which ranks the most powerful actors, athletes, chefs and directors based on their media exposure, web presence and earnings.

There’s 9 celebrities that fit the age of 25 and under. Sorted according to the highest earnings per year are..

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Mia Maestro raise awareness of Chagas disease

Argentina actress, Mia MaestroArgentine actress Mia Maestro, famous for her lethal spy role on TV series “Alias,” is using her fame to fight a real killer.

The actress is trying to create awareness of Chagas disease, which infects about 12 million people in Central and South America. It causes high fever, swelling, enlargement of the spleen, liver and lymph nodes, and inflammation of the heart.

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Jennifer Garner and Mia Maestro, Alias fan’s video

A fan made video for popular TV series “Alias,” showing the sisterhood love between Sydney and Nadia, played by Jennifer Garner and Mia Maestro respectively.

The video is using Coldplay’s music, blended well with the scenes. Quite a lovely video for Alias fans.

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Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss Universe and fainted

Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza from Puerto RicoNewly crowned Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza from Puerto Rico fainted during a news conference just 40 minutes after winning the Miss Universe title.

Rivera appeared to be ok shortly. Pageant officials have addressed that it’s probably the weight of her dress and the heat on stage that caused the Miss Universe to pass out.

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