Vicki Zhao gains some weight

Mainland Chinese star Vicki Zhao was in Hong Kong yesterday (November 5) to promote her album… and looks a bit chubby…

Chinese artist Vicki Zhao

The press was bold and asked her if she has gained some weight… she said that Beijing is cold and she eat a lot recently, and the weight is going up and up.

I don’t really mind artists gaining some weight; most of the stars these days are too skinny. Besides, I like how Vicki handled the question; some of the idols would have gave the press a wack if they asked about their weight.

On the other note… that was a lousy dress. It probably makes Vicki looks chubbier than she is.

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Kiss Kiss

Chinese stars Vicki Zhao and Karen Mok kissing each other in a press conference in Shanghai last week…

Vicki Zhao and Karen Mok

The 2 stars had previously worked together in movie “So Close”. When they were asked about how close their friendship are… they replied with this random act that surprised the press. Vicki later explained that it’s nothing special about the kiss… they already did it before when working in the movie.

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Tang Wei pictures

Some recent pictures of rising Chinese star Tang Wei, released by her stylist Chen Fei on his blog. Tang Wei is the leading actress in the “Lust, Caution”, the latest film by world renowned director Ang Lee.

Chinese actress Tang Wei

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Zhang Ziyi ‘migrates’ to Hong Kong

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has migrate to Hong Kong under HK’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS).

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

I am not sure if ‘migrate’ is the right word… Hong Kong is part of China afterall. There are a few advantages for Ziyi to move to Hong Kong though; one of the benefits is the ease of travelling overseas (which she does quite often)… some countries have different entry requirements (visa etc.) for mainland China residents and Hong Kong residents.

Vicki Zhao releases new album

Chinese star Vicki Zhao Wei has released her 7th album “Angel’s Suitcase”. Vicki held a press conference in Beijing on Monday (September 3) to promote her album…

Chinese artist Vicki Zhao

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