Site announcement

This is a major site announcement; I am ‘merging’ this site with my personal site at YeinJee’s Asian Journal.

I’ll move some of the profiles over to the new site, but most of the original contents will stay as it is. Readers can still leave comments and share info with others, but I will not update this site anymore.

The new site covers topic about lifestyle, entertainment and other fun stuff. If you are only interested about entertainment, you can follow the Asian entertainment section instead.

I have redirected the feeds and email subscribers to the pop culture section as well; you don’t need to change anything and will receive the updates when the site is updated with Asian pop culture contents (but not other contents like travel etc.)

After running YummyCelebrities for two and half years, I felt kinda jaded with the the things that I am writing. What you can expect from the new website, is less gossips but more info on movies & music & drama reviews as well as a wider range of variety.

I know not all of you will like the idea, but I hope that most of you will give that site a chance. If you love YummyCelebrities, there is a good chance that you will like as well.

Thanks for the support all this while; look forward for more good times ahead with you all at the new place.